Playing safe may well be a lot more dangerous than you think. A company cannot stay in place but must have a strategy to get ahead of the pack. There is no standing still when everything and everybody around you is moving forward. Management must find the way to come together and develop an edge. While there are few things new under the sun, there are lots of things your company just may not be aware of. We will help you deal with any challenging situation you many find yourself in, analyze the past, weed through the noise of the present and endeavor to achieve the best possible outcome for your future.

Kadima is calling you for a wake-up call so that your company will not find itself at a fork in the road, without the information needed to make the right decision which way to go. That decision should not be based on cherry-picked slices of the recent past. Our strong presence is committed to your best long-term interests. Our focus on investment and advisory excellence and state-of-the-art analytics will benefit your operational integrity and efficiency. We will help reveal your true potential, your success is our business!




To become a group of companies recognized by our stakeholders as the first choice of strategic partner




To establish successful business entities that deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders




We aspire to be highly regarded by our stakeholders by demonstrating:



          Be honest and be ethical



          Listen to others, be empathetic and respond ethically



          We seek to excel in all that we do



          Skillful, knowledgeable and have the right attitude



          We endeavor to be innovative and always at the forefront of all that we do



          Fully engaged and accountable with respective work, always resourceful and energetic



          We value every person in everything we do



          We treat each other with respect and integrity



Kadima has grown from a small private trading and consulting company in Jakarta, Indonesia to become a holding company operating in a variety of business sectors, consisting of Property, Media, Travel and Tourism, Advisory, and many more. Our subsidiaries operate under an independent team of professional managers controlled by various investment holding units which are headquartered in Jakarta.


The name Kadima means moving forward. It has an intention to be in the lead and do something before anything else. It has a sense of progressive action and impulsive movement. This serves as the foundation of the company’s strength. We do not only want to share in the evolving opportunities, we want to be among those who lead.


Kadima provides guidance and advice for your Company, helps the business decide what to do and works full time with the management. We have a high degree of responsibility, working directly with the executives to help a business determine what financial decisions to make. We are really looking forward to, not more of the same, but a continual growth, opening new doors, and doing new things, seeing new sights in new ways, and enjoying the blessed journey. We make your request easy to find and fulfill, helps management involved think more clearly about how things unfolded to keep the management alert and responsive.


In the long run, what will matter the most is that the owner and management have the peace of mind, the financial protection and the profits that we think will flow to gold owner in the years ahead. If you take care of your Company's prospects, the value of your Company will take care of itself. It's exciting to set goals and move forward with you!








Kadima aims to build its property business Pioneer Property Group to become a leading property company in Indonesia. We manage and own various properties and focusing its efforts to ensure recurring revenue by leasing/rental through its business units Pioneer Halls Management and Pioneer Property Agent. Moreover, we continue to invest in our land bank. Currently, our land portfolio includes a 10,000 sqm land in North Jakarta for future real estate development and several plots of land in North Sulawesi and East Java.


We also established a facility service company Pioneer Service Management (PSM), which provides building and commercial cleaning services, office support services and washroom services. The company plans to expand its services to include hospital cleaning services. PSM employs passionate and enthusiastic people who are equipped with training and career path and share the same commitment to provide excellent service with extra care. PSM aims to be a reliable and preferred facility service company in Indonesia and currently serves customers throughout Jakarta, Tangerang and Bekasi.



Kadima partners with a major printing company in Indonesia to produce a weekly bulletin amounting to more than 90,000 copies and distributed to Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bogor, Depok, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Bali, Manado, Makassar, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Palangkaraya, Batam, Medan and Singapore.


Kadima published an Indonesian translation of a bestseller book “Start-up Nation” about the story of the nation’s economic success. The released of this book is the realization of making the way the nation arrived at its achievement in science and technology became accessible for the Indonesian readers on a wide scale. The purpose is to inspire the readers to apply the spirit of innovation and daring to the vast potential of Indonesia. We shall continue to release more inspiring books for the Indonesian readers to benefit from. In addition, we produced various merchandises and music albums through its business unit.



Kadima expands its business to travel and tourism sector by establishing a travel company that specializes in Holyland tours. The company has sent many groups to Israel and aspires to become a major player in Indonesia’s pilgrimage tours through increase in its volume of business and reputable service.


In addition, the company offers a full range of travel services which include; flight reservation and ticketing service, individual tour package, group tour package, incentive tour package, travel insurance, holiday voucher, corporate account service, airport assistance, transportation assistance, travel document and formalities service, and organizing tourism meetings and events.



Kadima provides assistance to your Company faced with opportunities for growth and business expansion, throughout the business lifecycle, emerges stronger and smarter. Our focus is on enhancing shareholder value for the organization and a massive proliferation of your Company. We provide strategic business advisory services to help clients obtain measurable performance improvement. We focus on business strategy solution that could reflect our client's strategic objectives and goals.


Kadima develops the guidance on the best strategies for meeting the short-term and long-term goals and avoiding pitfalls. Once a strategy is in place, we help you execute the tactic of the game plans. We provide more than just a business plan. Exploration of potential business opportunities, markets and resources in South East Asia with emphasis on Indonesia. Exploration of potential business opportunities, markets and resources in Indonesia and countries close by.


Kadima believes in creating a positive effect on lives and communities. Kadima CSR leads this effort with partnerships, collaborations and innovative programs that can add the most value and make a significant and lasting impact.



Kadima continuously conducts free medical clinics, providing free doctor consultations and free medicines to the poor and needy. We organize medical outreaches to remote areas and villages in Indonesia. We conduct blood donation events in collaboration with Indonesia Red Cross.



Kadima continuously organizes free seminars and workshops for youths, especially in the areas of startups, entrepreneurship and finance. We organize various sports competitions for kids and youths throughout many cities in Indonesia.



Kadima conducts agricultural workshops for coffee farmers in Central Java. We empower fishermen in North Sulawesi with environmental awareness and practical skills for sailing and catching fishes.

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